Are you seeking a reliable Protection Dog who is easy to handle and completely safe with your family?


Searching for a highly bred Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd or Doberman Pincher?


Wanting a Personal Protection Dog with customized training to fit your lifestyle?

Family First K9 offers quality Protection Dogs that are personally selected for genetics, character, sociability, and health.  We work with three breeds that are naturally inclined to protection.

It is extremely important when purchasing and training a Protection Dog that you work with a trainer who has the appropriate credentials and experience.  With 19 years of law enforcement experience and qualifications that include: AKC CGC Evaluator, AKC Scent Work Judge, NACSW Judge, CPE CSS Judge, and Drugbeat Evaluator, where I certify professional K9 teams, I can provide the training and support necessary to ensure an unbeatable outcome.


Are you ready to own a Protection Dog?

The first step in our process is to meet with you to determine your specific needs and that of your household.  We will use our expertise to discuss which type of protection dog is best suited for you and your family.

Next, we will go through the details of our 1-to-2-week Handler School.  It is important to understand our dogs are selected and trained for Personal Protection, not sport.  Each family member will work with the dog to learn how to control him/her in the event protection is needed.  After completing the school, your family and K9 will have become an inseparable team.

All our dogs are socialized, intelligent and good with children.  They are loyal, loving, and quick to respond on command to any threat to a family member.  With a natural love for the outdoors, they make great companions when hiking or jogging.

Family First K9 offer the following personal protection dogs:

German Shepherds

German Shepherds naturally possess a lot of the traits necessary for a personal protection dog.  They are by nature loyal, protective, strong, athletic, intelligent, and trainable.

A German Shepherd will fiercely and faithfully protect their person and their shared home. Their protective instincts will overcome their fear in almost every situation, and they will defend you with their lives.

Doberman Pinchers

Dobermans are considered one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. Some historical articles even dubbed them “the dog with the ‘human’ brain.” The typical male Doberman stands at about 26-28 inches high at the withers and can run up to 30 miles per hour!  They have a sleek, muscular body and natural strength.  A Doberman is extremely unlikely to show aggression toward its owners (that’s a myth), especially when properly trained, and is good with children.


Malinois are working dogs, originally bred to protect livestock on farms and ranches. They thrive when given jobs to do. Play is their favorite word, and they enjoy working off their boundless energy.  They are incredibly intelligent dogs that respond well to training and can learn nearly any task or trick.

They are highly intelligent and desire to please.  Combined with their extreme sense of loyalty and work ethic, they make wonderful protection dogs.

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