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Family First K9 - Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Are you looking for a place to board your dog, but don’t want them to spend the majority of their time in a kennel with little to no interaction?

What we offer

Our boarders are housed inside a climate controlled kennel building that is designed to reduce stress and allow for maximum comfort.  We play soothing music 24 hours a day in order to reduce anxiety.  All dogs start their day with a daily walk to burn off extra energy and to reduce anxiety.   We also have playtime during boarding inside our fenced in playground that offers a wide array of agility equipment.


Do you prefer an upgraded experience for your dog?  We have a very limited number of suits set up for small house dogs that will give them the homelike experience complete with television and bed.  Contact us for more info.

Additional Services

Do you find yourself missing your furry loved one when you travel?   We offer additional services that will help ease your anxiety as well and keep you connected.  These services range from pictures of your pet to videos of them playing and interacting during their stay.

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