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Puppy classes, basic & advanced obedience, and more!

First and foremost, we are family!  Having pursued dog training and competition as a hobby for many years, we decided to take that passion and turn it into a business so we could help others. Our goal is to pass on our positive obedience training methods, as well as our enjoyment for dog sports, to our clients. We offer many services including our puppy school class, basic and advanced obedience training, protection sports (PSA, American Schutzhund and more) and professional detection and tracking dogs.

We are centrally located in Sacramento, KY, and a short drive from Owensboro, Henderson and Madisonville.

Now Offering Private K9 Detection Services!

Get the ultimate peace of mind with our private detection dog services. If you are worried about the well being of a loved one, our drug sniffing dogs can help you discreetly verify and address any issues. Schools can also take advantage of our services, knowing that additional resources are available to provide for the safest learning experience possible. Services are also available to corporations, correctional facilities and treatment facilities.

Basic & advanced obedience training

Basic & Advanced Obedience Training

I am able to meet any need you may experience including modifying aggressive behavior and training for personal protection.

Dog training workshops


From attending national conventions to hosting workshops at our location, we seek knowledge from the industries biggest names.

We train and certify professional detection dogs


If you need a dog for cellphone detection, narcotics, akc scent work sport or explosive detection we can help.

Professional tracking dog training


Whether your goal is AKC tracking or tracking for a police dog, we are highly qualified to meet your needs.

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Housebreaking Your Dog

We are always being contacted by individuals that have behavioral or training issues with their dog.  I wanted to start by adding some of the most common I come across. I am having a hard time with housebreaking my dog.  They did fine but are now having accidents....

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