working dogs of america

Working Dog Registry and Titling program for protection, obedience & tracking

About WDA

Working Dogs of America is dedicated to developing, preserving, and using a canine’s natural instincts, intelligence, and tractability to perform meaningful, utilitarian tasks for mankind.

Its goal is to use proven common-sense methods for training both canine and handler while maximizing the social, family orientation, and sport aspects of dog training.

In addition the WDA program enables the evaluation of a canine’s working ability, maintaining and improving breeding stock to conform to the breed’s original purpose and function.

WDA offers one the best introductory obedience titles in the country for introducing people to dog training and for meeting the obedience needs of a family companion dog. This title is excellent for creating business for dog trainers. SDA’s more advanced obedience titles are excellent for meeting all other needs and interest for obedience training.

WDA offers the two best Protection titles in the country for meeting the needs of a family protection dog and for introducing people to protection training. The Protection Alert & Protection 1 are totally designed around the obedience and protection needs and demands of  a family or personal protection dog; both of these titles will create business for dog trainers and  will help in establishing dog clubs.

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