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Pets are a wonderful gift to humanity. They are sweet and loyal companions and often very cute too. From the adorable puppies and kittens to bunnies, there are no limits to the many forms pets could take. Many pet owners know the right diet, exercise, accessories, medications, and a host of other things that would ensure their pets live to the fullest of their potentials.

Far too many people who have got their pets covered on basic things or necessities become clueless or blank out when it comes to traveling to someplace new with their favorite animals. They tense up and get worried with a string of questions plaguing their minds. Often, there’s quick and less seemingly grueling option-to leave the pet with the neighbor, which isn’t too great especially when it can be helped.

Pets are a significant part of a family, and they very much deserve every bit of love and attention they can have. Plus you can spend more time bonding with your pet away from home. So if you need help on traveling with your companion, then this blog is for you.

#1 Book an appointment with your Vet

As soon as it is apparent you’d be going on a trip with your pet; it becomes necessary you drop by at the veterinarian’s. It is also advised you get this out of the way quickly as it may take quite a while before getting through the battery of tests and vaccinations required by the CDC. Now I know some of you are asking this question. CDC? Well, depending on your travel location if you leave the country your pet must be inspected and healthy before entering the country.  A visit to the vet ensures your pet is medically fit to travel and free from diseases and infections.

#2 Let comfort guide you 

When going on a trip with a pet, you’d do well to put necessary measures in place to ensure that their well being is covered while in transit and upon your arrival. Change isn’t necessarily comfortable, but with deliberate planning and keen attention to basic details, you’ve got this. Create a checklist of all things that would make your pet feel comfortable and tick off as you pack them.

This way you’d make certain nothing is left out. Pack up enough food, water, antihistamines (for allergies), first aid kit, treats,  toys, treats, blankets, seat covers and poop bags (if it’s a road trip).  While this is not a commercial I do have to admit I never leave home without my Kas Fan. It allows me to set a temperature for the kennels and has a solar power option on top of the battery or car outlet. You can find out more about this item at

#3 Pack the familiar things

Change could be sometimes frightening, especially in unfamiliar terrain. However, you could make the jolly ride and destination stay quite comfortable by ensuring your pet has a few familiar things around, starting with its home. Comfort wouldn’t be complete without a comfortable carrier or crate.

Your pet is about to explore a new territory and experience a whole lot of different things, which for them could be incredibly exciting or frightening. This depends on the pet’s prior exposure, experience, and how sudden you made the trip. Be sure that the crate isn’t too stifling and there’s enough room for standing, sitting or laying down. You could cozy it up with a blanket to further eliminate the chances of it getting nostalgic.

Also, Pets like Dogs are sometimes very particular about their feed and water bowls, so be sure to include your pet’s favorite bowls. Opt for collapsible as they tend to save up storage space.

#4 Take vital documents 

It would be really unsettling to have you separated from your pet after all the time and resources you must have invested in your trip. There are important documents pet owners traveling with their pets (especially to other countries) should possess. There are also a few states that will confiscate your dog if you fail to produce the required documentation. These include Rabies certificate and vaccination documents amongst others.

So, make inquiries about your country destination and ensure you’re fully armed and prepared for possible routine checks and queries when you arrive. Some states are quite strict with the rules, so if you’re not properly documented, you may risk losing your pet to quarantine.

On a final note, think safety. Kennels especially some of the higher end ones are impact tested to see how they hold up in a car. These kennels provide security and peace of mind especially on long road trips. Collars, leashes, tags as well as a microchip help to give you additional peace of mind on long trips.

I think we can all agree that sharing life with our pets make things more enjoyable and with just a little preparation we can enjoy a wonderful stress free getaway. As always drop us a line and tell us some of your favorite pet destinations, feel free to share your stories and check us out on youtube.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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